CSPS, California Society of Plastic Surgeons
California Society of Plastic Surgeons
What We're Doing

Thousands of California's children are suffering from debilitating conditions that could be helped through reconstructive surgery and allow them to lead healthier, happier and more productive lives.

We have a simple mission: to help uninsured and underinsured children of California who could benefit from reconstructive plastic surgery yet are not able to afford this type of procedure. The mission of CSPSERF is to help these children who want to appear more "normal" to avoid the stigma that can accompany an individual who has a different appearance. Being bullied, ostracized, excluded, and ignored can become a way of life, for children with physical abnormalities and by offering them the services of California board certified plastic surgeons, it can help these children live without the self-consciousness and teasing that comes with being different.
CSPSERF Officers & Directors
  • Gordon Lee, President
  • Susan Kaweski, CSPS President
  • Bill Hoffman, CSPS President-Elect
  • Greg Evans, CSPS Secretary-Treasurer
  • Lars Enevoldsen, Director
  • Geoff Keyes, Director
  • Lars Enevlodsen, MD, Director
  • Jeff Rosenberg, Director
  • Mary & Roger Greenberg, Director
  • Jane Weston, Director
  • Mike Cedars, Director
  • Dan Mills, Director
  • Stanley F. Alger, Executive Director
Organization Profile

Founded: 2007
Not-for-Profit Public Charity 501(c)(3)  

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