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2021 CSPS Legislative Update

Legislative News April

The CSPS Supported candidate for Assembly District 79 in san Diego County won her election. Dr. Akilah Weber becomes the second physician in the State Assembly and the third physician in the state Legislature.

The ASPS is holding their 2021 Virtual Advocacy Summit May 19-26th with West Coast advocacy meetings scheduled with National Legislators May 26th. Register on-line at the ASPS Website.

The Nurse Practitioners Advisory Committee held their first meeting to decide on the parameters for Nurse Practitioners to work autonomously without physician oversight. Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Edward Ray was present on the committee to help ensure they follow the intent of the Bill to provide primary care services where needed.

The CSPS has been discussing scope of practice issues with the Board of Ophthalmology in regard to Bill AB407 which proposes allowing Optometrists to medically treat blepharoptosis. The CSPS has an upcoming meeting with the MBC to discuss requirements for in-office surgical procedures and the need for accreditation.

Legislative News March

The Nurse Practitioner Advisory Panel formed as a result of the passing of AB 890 (Wood) now has Plastic Surgical representation with the selection of Dr. Edward Ray as one of two physicians on the panel. This panel will help decide criteria necessary for the autonomous practice of medicine by certain NP's.

We currently have only two physicians in the CA State Legislature (Dr. Richard Pan (Pediatrician) in the State Senate, and DR. Juaquin Arambula (Emergency Medicine) in the State Assembly). The CSPS is supporting Dr. Akilah Weber (OB/GYN) in her campaign for the 79th district of the Assembly in San Diego.

The CMA is holding a Legislative Advocacy Training Day March 23rd, 7-8 PM in preparation for the California Medical Association Legislative Advocacy Day. They will review legislation to be advocated on behalf of the CMA. This is open to CMA members and registration is available on their website.

Legislative News February

AB 890 (Wood) continues to create havoc in California even though it does not go into effect until January 2023. The California Nursing Board cannot decide which representatives shall be chosen for the Nurse Advisory Committee which decides which Nurse Practitioners shall receive the ability to practice with full autonomy without physician oversight in California. Although we are trying to secure a Plastic Surgeon on this seven-member panel, we are at the mercy of the nursing board. We are still exploring other options in an attempt to prevent the undesired consequence of NP owned and operated Day Spas etc.

It is the time of the year when nearly 2500 new Bills are presented to the state legislature, so the CSPS Legislative Committee will soon be at work sorting through and determining our stance on those Bills that effect our profession and/or the care of our patients.

Last year the Medical Board of California had proposed a 47% increase in Physician and Surgeon Licensing Fee. This proposal was rejected, but some form of increase is expected this year as the MBC goes through its sunset review process.

At the end of last year, CSPS worked with the CMA to help modify a Bill proposed by Senator Richard Pan that would have required surgery centers to stockpile a supply of PPE for its employees. We were able to obtain an exemption for independent medical practices.

The CSPS along with the CMA and all major California Medical Groups are gearing up for yet another challenge to MICRA (Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act) which placed a cap of $250,000.00 on awards for non-economic damages in malpractice lawsuits. We anticipate seeing a challenge to existing law in 2022.

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