CSPS Member Spotlight

The CSPS is proud of it’s membership ranging from our newest Members who were voted into the Society in 2018 to our Council Members (who are actively serving & representing the CSPS) to our Active Members and, of course, our Life Members.   The CSPS is excited to launch a new feature and that is to highlight various Members under the CSPS Spotlight.  We are featuring  Members who are brand new to the Society, new Council Members as well as Active Members who are involved in exciting endeavors whether it is hosting a conference/symposium, appearance on television, writing a new book, etc.  Following are the CSPS Member Spotlights.  If you are a CSPS Member and would like to be featured under the Spotlight, please contact the Executive Office at:  cspsoffice@att.net

Dr. Tina Smith

Dr. Thomas Satterwhite

Dr. Trent Douglas

Dr. Wai-Yee Li

Dr. Rahim Nazerali

Dr. Anne Peled

Dr. Winnie Tong

Dr. Katerina Gallus

Dr. David Boudreault