The CSPS is excited to highlight one of our newest Council Members of the CSPS – this week, we are pleased to shine the spotlight on:

Dr. Winne Tong

Following are some interesting and fun facts about Dr. Winnie Tong, Kaiser Representative to the CSPS Council:

My favorite hobby is: Drawing still portraits. It helps me pay attention to details that I would otherwise have missed.   Following are two of my originals:

A Man with dog – notice the use of basic shapes to create a pattern on the sweater.



Rose bouquet  — there is beauty in the simple things around us, sometimes we need to pause to appreciate the simple things in life.

The words I try to live by are: give back to society.  When I have time, I would volunteer at nursing facilities and volunteer events.  I also mentor medical students and residents.

The best part of next weekend will be:  Attending a family reunion in Los Angeles to celebrate three relative’s 70th  , 70th, and 85th birthdays. Approximately 70 people gathered at a hotel and we spent the weekend together sharing  meals, going to the beach and catching up with one another.

The best vacation I ever took was:  going to Rome, Belgium, Amsterdam with my family.  It was great to see the culture and history, and the food was delicious.

At the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam