We are excited to highlight one of our members of the CSPS – this week, we are pleased to shine the spotlight on:

Dr. Katerina Gallus

The single biggest influence on my decision to become a Plastic Surgeon was traveling to Chile (where my mother is from) to do a rotation with a plastic surgery group as a 4th year medical student. The surgeons I worked with were relentless in 2 things – convincing me that plastic surgery was the only discipline to follow, and demonstrating their knowledge of American profanity.  They convinced me to change my internship selection to surgery and taught me to curse in multiple south American dialects.

Dr. Gallus with young patient

Dr. Gallus spent time serving in Afghanistan.  In the picture above, she is with an 8 year old  patient of hers who she was responsible for revising his amputation.  He had been an amputee since the age of three and he needed to have revisions done while he was still growing since the fibular bone grows past the tibia.  Dr. Gallus credits the boy’s family who took excellent care of him and sought out available medical treatment which is a challenge since resources are scarce in this area of Afghanistan.

The reality TV show I would most likely be on is: Survivor. My 20 years in the military and deployment to Afghanistan endowed me with skills that I otherwise won’t use.  I can go far with a compass and a knife.

Dr. Gallus (center)

The best part of next weekend will be: running around with my three daughters – shopping, the pool, going for walks down to the beach, it doesn’t matter!

Dr. Gallus with her family

Dr. Gallus on why she joined the CSPS:  I am proud to have joined the CSPS.  I believe it is critical to support our professional organizations locally and nationally.  It wasn’t until I joined that I was able to fully appreciate the work the CSPS members and staff accomplish on behalf of all California board certified plastic surgeons.  The CSPS puts forth a tremendous effort in following the legislative and regulatory activity in our state and advocating for all board certified plastic surgeons.  This is in addition to the top notch public and patient education that the CSPS provides.