This month the CSPS is excited to shine it’s member spotlight on –

Dr. Tina Smith

The best thing about being a Plastic Surgeon is …having the privilege and opportunity to change people’s lives for the better every day.

Dr. Smith (left) with her DSA KP Plastic Surgery Department

The worst thing about being a Plastic Surgeon is …when taking care of a patient or working as chief of my department prevents me from being present for my friends and family. When these moments happen, I tell myself that it is better to be wanted and needed than not at all.

If I had to start my career over I would …have liked to become a rock star, but was born to be a plastic surgeon.

The best vacation I ever took was …the last is always the best and there are more to come- but so far- riding on the back of a Ducati Multistrada with my husband, Ynze, somewhere along the Mediterranean coastline.

Dr. Smith with her husband exploring the Mediterranean coastline on a motorcycle

I couldn’t operate without my …Olsen-Hegar needle holders.

The word/words I try to live by is/are …I have a list of favorite quotes, but one which I modified and use, is from Nietzsche- ‘If it doesn’t kill you, it can make you stronger and more beautiful.’

Dr. Smith spending time with family

Younger surgeons today …and to quote Oscar Wilde – “The old believe everything, the middle-aged suspect everything, the young know everything”-   and one more (abbreviated) – “Ah! Realize your youth while you have it…. Be afraid of nothing.”

What keeps you in the CSPS? California is home to innovators and leaders both by birth and/ or by choice in many fields:  Environmentalism, technology, entertainment, politics and ‘higher’ education, for examples.

There are great opportunities in health care not yet realized.

CSPS provides a platform to unite plastic surgeons from academia, multidisciplinary medical groups irrespective of insurance plans, and private practice.

Providing care for our patients’ best long- term interests while remaining good stewards of our resources is one area of opportunity. These goals are not mutually exclusive.

As physicians and surgeons, we may have the best insight as to how to accomplish these challenging goals.

Collaboration and alignment within CSPS has in the past led to successful innovations for plastic surgery patients nationwide. CSPS has many more opportunities and is geographically surrounded by potential collaborators outside our own fields which can provide positive significant change for the future of health care in the United States and beyond. Who wouldn’t want to be able to contribute to that?

Dr. Tina Smith (center) spending time with fellow CSPS members (l-r) Dr. Heather Furnas, Dr. Karen Yokoo, Dr.  Cindy Russell and our very own CSPS Executive Director Christine Pahl