In 2018, the CSPS welcomed 10 New CSPS Active Members.  We are excited to highlight our newest members of the CSPS – this week, we are pleased to shine the spotlight on:

Dr. Anne Peled

The best thing about being a Plastic Surgeon is: The challenge and immense satisfaction of doing something truly and often immediately transformative for patients, whether it’s reconstructive or aesthetic surgery.  I love the “unveiling” at the initial post-operative visit, when patients get to see their results for the first time- it’s by far one of my favorite parts of being a plastic surgeon.

My favorite procedure to perform is:  Nipple-sparing mastectomy and immediate pre-pectoral implant reconstruction- I love being able to offer a procedure where women with breast cancer or at high risk for breast cancer wake up from having mastectomies looking essentially the same, or even better, than they did when they started.

I couldn’t operate without my:  Fun socks or hot pink OR glasses.  As much fun as it is to have a job where you get to go to work basically in pajamas, on my OR days I like to wear something in bright colors too- my patients often make comments about my socks when I’m in doing their markings before surgery.

Dr. Peled in the OR wearing her hot pink OR glasses.

The first social media outlet I check every morning is: Instagram. I keep a fairly small number of friends and family and some lifestyle/fitness sites (like Athleta and Self Magazine) that I follow, so I don’t get overwhelmed looking through them. I love starting my day with little photographic glimpses into everyone’s lives mixed in with style inspiration and fitness routines!

My favorite hobby is: Anything that gets me outside being active- running, triathlons, stand-up paddling boarding, hiking.  Even 30 minutes helps me clear my head from the day and gets me feeling great for the next one.

Dr. Anne Peled along with her husband, Dr. Ziv Peled (also a CSPS member)

The best part of next weekend will be: Taking my family to Legoland (in Carlsbad, CA) – all 3 of my kids (7 year-old son and 4 year-old twin daughters) have been asking me and my husband pretty much every week when we can go back since our last visit there!

The Peled family enjoying some quality time at Lego Land!