Dear CSPS Family,

Dr. Wong’s Visiting Professor Trip to UCI

Visiting Professor Dr. Michael Wong along with the residents at UC Irvine

It was great to serve as Society Visiting Professor to UCI March 4th.  This program has the distinction of being the only Department of Plastic Surgery in the entire University of California system under the leadership of Chair Greg Evans and Program Director Amber Leis.   It was a privilege to share about my approach to postbariatric contouring patients, including time in the cadaver lab to demonstrate techniques of tissue preservation and local tissue rearrangement for autoaugmentation of the buttock and breasts. We also had time to review techniques to avoid complications in abdominal contouring surgery as well as the role of sternal plating in treating sternal challenges. It was also great to visit the Orange County Society of Plastic Surgeons where I had the opportunity to share about my Journey to the CSPS Presidency, highlighting many who have supported, encouraged and mentored me along the way!

Dr. Michael Wong with Dr. Gregory Evans at the Orange County Society of Plastic Surgeons

UCSF 2019 Pre-Summit Surgeon Conference & National Transgender Health Summit
After my December UCSF, it was clear they are positioned as leaders in the area of gender affirming surgeries.  In line with this, I wanted to remind our CSPS members that our UCSF colleagues are holding a pre-summit surgeon conference on Friday April 12, as part of the 2019 National Transgender Health Summit held April 13-14.  Led by CSPS members Esther Kim and William Hoffman, they will cover masculinizing chest surgery, feminizing augmentation mammoplasty, facial feminization surgery, vaginoplasty and phalloplasty.  Other notable faculty include CSPS Kaiser Liaison Winnie Tong, as well as other Kaiser surgeons Ali Salim (San Francisco), Melissa Poh (West Los Angeles) and Kaiser Symposium faculty Cori Agarwal from Utah.  There is still time to sign up to attend UCSF’s pre-summit surgeon conference by following the link http://www.ucsfcme.com/2019/MFC19005A/info.html

Mountain West Society of Plastic Surgeons (MWSPS) Meeting
Several CSPS members got a chance to join the Mountain West Society of Plastic Surgeons (MWSPS) Meeting held March 7th-10th at Squaw Creek Resort in Lake Tahoe.  Gordon Lee, MD spoke on lessons learned from Stanford Business School and Terry Zimmerman, MD updated all on the latest information on the Ideal Implant.  Several residents and fellows from our California training programs also presented their work.  The meeting was not only educational, but also provided time to enjoy the slopes of Squaw, Alpine, and Northstar.  Special thanks to President Richard Baynosa, MD for his kind invitation for many from CSPS to join the MWSPS!  Many may not know that the CSPS used to have joint meetings with the MWSPS, previously known as the Rocky Mountain Society of Plastic Surgeons.  We look forward to more opportunities for our two societies to collaborate together in the future!

CSPS President Dr. Michael Wong along with MWSPS President Dr. Rich Baynosa

69th CSPS Annual Meeting, May 30th – June 2, 2019 in Sacramento #CSPS2019
The #CSPS2019 meeting is right around the corner and the Scientific Committee is deep into the planning of our 69th Annual Meeting under the leadership of co-chairs Amanda Gosman, MD and Rahim Nazerali, MD.  Based on our member Needs Assessment, we have sessions on:  the Business of Plastic Surgery with panelists Heather Furnas, MD, Josh Korman, MD, and MWSPS President Rich Baynosa, MD; Blepharoplasty with panelists Scott Barttelbort, MD, Sal Pacella, MD, and ASPAPS President-Elect Charles Thorne, MD;   Fat Grafting with panelists Amanda Gosman, MD, ASAPS Visiting Professor Daniel Del Vecchio, MD, Ashkan Ghavami, MD, and Rod Rohrich, MD; Cellular Rejuvenation Therapy with Robert Singer, MD, Joel Aronowitz, MD, Aesthetic Surgery Education and Research Foundation President Julio Garcia, MD, and Gordon Sasaki, MD; Breast Implants – Where are we now? With panelists Lynn Jeffers, MD, Wai-Yee Li, MD, Mary McGrath, MD; and a Resident Bowl (click here to learn more).  Our Brody Lecture will feature Rod Rohrich, MD speaking about rhinoplasty.

Join the CSPS Family Program Planned for 2019 Meeting #CSPS2019
We also have a full program planned for our families.  On Friday, May 31st, families will be enjoying the 8 pm Broadway on Tour show featuring Disney’s Tony Award Winning Aladdin at the Sacramento Community Center Theater.  To pre-purchase your tickets, click here to visit their website.  On Saturday, June 1st, there will be two outings, a morning outing to the Sacramento Zoo (click here for info) and the Funderland amusement park (click here for info), and an afternoon Family walk around DOCO.  On Sunday, June 2nd, there will be two outings, a morning tour of the California State Railroad Museum in Old Sacramento (click here for more info), and an afternoon Sacramento Rivercats game.  To prepurchase tickets for this game or others, please click here to visit their website

Sacramento – Farm-to Fork Capital of the Country
We are also excited to showcase the food scene in Sacramento, the Farm-to-Fork Capital of the Country, to all attendees of the #CSPS2019 Annual Meeting!  I had the chance to speak with Patrick Mulvaney, the proprietor, chef, and public policy advocate at his restraurant Mulvaney’s B&L that specializes in hand crafted New American cuisine with a menu that changes daily in step with the local growing seasons.  Click  on the video below to learn more about Patrick Mulvaney’s restaurant and others that attendees might consider trying during the May 30th – June 2nd meeting weekend.  My Sacramento Plastic Surgery Family and I hope you come and join us for the meeting and enjoy some of the great farm-to-fork fare that Sacramento is famous for!

Report from the FDA hearings on breast implant safety –  Mary H. McGrath MD MPH The FDA General and Plastic Surgery Devices Panel met on March 25-26 for full days of public hearings, discussion, and recommendations about breast implant safety.  While BIA-ALCL was a major topic, it was only one item on an extensive agenda. The meeting opened with a report from the European Union Taskforce about their action on textured implants earlier this year and with summary reports from the FDA and manufacturers – Allergan, Mentor, Sientra, and Ideal.  The first day was devoted to BIA-ALCL and its association with breast implant surface textures, and to what is called Breast Implant Illness (BII) and the array of symptoms listed under that heading.  As of this date, approximately 90% of US plastic surgeons use smooth surface implants while the percentage using textured implants has fallen to about 10%.  ASAPS and ASPS made presentations about the use of registries to understand BIA-ALCL and BII  – the PROFILE registry and the US National Breast Implant Registry (NBIR). There was impassioned patient testimony and numerous plastic surgeons spoke movingly about their experiences caring for augmentation and reconstruction patients.

The second day of hearings focused largely on acellular dermal matrices (ADM) used for submuscular and prepectoral breast reconstruction. ADM has never been approved by the FDA for use in the breast in any form – sling, hammock, wrap; all current use is an off-label use of a device. For the manufacturers to market the device for application in the breast, a formal approval process will be required and discussion focused on what the clinical studies of safety and efficacy should include.  The next topic was the incidence of silent rupture of gel implants and the utility of MRI or other modalities for screening intracapsular and extracapsular ruptures. The cost and limited patient compliance with current recommendations for MRI screening was discussed as was the statement issued by the American College of Radiology that MRI screening for asymptomatic patients is not indicated. Improving patient education materials, improving access to these, and efforts to put more information on public media platforms were also rich topics of discussion.

Again, thanks for all you do for our patients and specialty!  And come to our #CSPS2019 Sacramento meeting!

Hope to see you there!

Michael S. Wong, MD, FACS

President, California Society of Plastic Surgeons