The CSPS is proud to announce and shine the first spotlight of the year on New Member:

Dr. Trent Douglas

Dr. Douglas – NATO Role 3 Hospital, Kandahar, Afghanistan, January 2014

Dr. Douglas completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Virginia and went on to obtain his medical degree from the Emory University School of Medicine.  He performed his general surgery residency at the Naval Medical Center San Diego before returning to Atlanta to complete his plastic surgery residency at Emory University.  He served as plastic surgeon at the Naval Medical Center San Diego from 2006-2017, being deployed to Afghanistan as well as numerous humanitarian aid missions in South East Asia.


Breast Cancer Awareness – NATO Role 3, Kandahar, Afghanistan, January 2014

He is now in practice in San Diego at Restore Plastic Surgery.  Following are some fun and personal facts about Dr. Douglas:

Dr. Douglas in the OR, San Diego, CA

The single biggest influence on my decision to become a Plastic Surgeon was:
Doing a plastic surgery rotation as a fourth-year medical student. I knew I wanted to do some type of surgery but it was not until I saw the breadth and complexity of the plastic surgery procedures that I realized what I truly wanted to do.

The best thing I ever purchased for the office was: the fractionated CO2 laser – it is a workhorse.

My favorite procedure to perform is: mommy makeover

I couldn’t operate without my: Olsen-Hagar cutting needle driver

An operation I no longer perform is: free fibula

The best vacation I ever took was: visiting my mother’s extended family in the Piedmont region of Italy. Two weeks of hiking, eating, and sampling the local wines was a dream come true.

The title of my autobiography would be (why?): Eloquent Profanity – because plastic surgery can be so refined yet so frustrating at the same time.

My all-time favorite movie is (why?): Animal House – don’t need to say anything else


Dr. Douglas and his “snow surgeon” – Kandahar, Afghanistan, December 25, 2013




The best part of next weekend will be: watching my son play soccer and watching my daughter dance.

The Douglas Family – Trent, Trish, Connor, and Allie – Lake Tahoe, July 2017

I got involved with CSPS as my career transitioned from military service with the Navy to entering private practice in the civilian sector.  I felt it was important to be involved at the state society level and be part of an active organization with growing membership and proactive political advocacy for our specialty.  CSPS has been a great value for me and I look forward to continuing to grow and strengthen the membership.  There are so many amazing plastic surgeons in California that CSPS has the opportunity to really lead state societies with initiatives, quality speakers, and experience.