In 2018, the CSPS welcomed 10 New CSPS Active Members.  We are excited to highlight our newest members of the CSPS – this week, we are pleased to shine the spotlight on:

Dr. David Boudreault

The single biggest influence on my decision to become a Plastic Surgeon was a medical mission I took to southern Sudan during general surgery residency. We were there to help establish surgery centers and basic medical care facilities. I saw so many people with craniofacial deformities and injuries, which we could not address during that mission. It opened my eyes to the value we have the opportunity to bring both here and abroad.

Dr. Boudreault in Sudan

The best thing about being a Plastic Surgeon is the daily opportunity to connect with my patients on a personal level. I’ve always found private practice plastic surgery to be the closest thing to being an old fashioned primary care doctor. I see my patients 3-4 times per year and get to know them and their families really well.

The best thing a grateful patient gave me was a bottle of wine from their own small collection vineyard. They only made 200 bottles and I was lucky to be included as one of their family and friends.

My all-time favorite movie is Forest Gump – to me this movie is such a reminder of how determination and kind heartedness can overcome almost any challenge. In many ways, I try to live like life is a box of chocolates.

The funniest tattoo I have ever seen a gang member who was shot in the leg and spent several weeks on my service had a unique tattoo on the back of both his hands. He was an angry young man who alienated most of his care givers. One day I had to ask him what the tattoos on his hands meant. He picked up his hands in a boxing stance and said, “cuz these will blow you up.” The tattoos were grenades.

The best part of next weekend will be spending it with two of my favorite residents from UC Davis. We are getting together for quality time wine tasting in Lodi and fun on the river.

How and/or why did you get involved with the CSPS?  I did my residency in California (UC Davis) and was exposed early through presentations of papers. Dr. Michael Wong was not yet the President, but very involved in CSPS.  My exposure to the group was always positive and the discussions at meetings were very helpful.

What keeps you in the CSPS?  I find the members to be the most engaged in our field.  In a busy practice it feels like you are alone through most of your day.  This society gives us the opportunity to exchange ideas and support each other.