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CSPS Educational and Research Foundation Update

As part of highlighting the good things CSPS is doing, I wanted to provide an update on the CSPS Education and Research Foundation (CSPSERF), our non-profit 501(c)(3) aimed at identifying and pursuing, through directed research, education, and charitable contributions, various issues relevant to the advancement, effectiveness and safety of plastic surgery.  Our initial focus has been on the charitable contributions arm, with our initial effort on providing reconstructive surgery to California's uninsured and underinsured children, age 18 and under. Participation is open to the public and there is no fee for participation. To date, we have received four applications for services and have provided services to one.  I wanted to share his story to demonstrate the incredible impact our Society and Members are having on children in our community.

A hospitalization in the pediatric intensive care unit requiring high dose steroids and his protracted recovery was the beginning of EA's battle with weight, maxing out at 338 pounds.  At 16 years old, he had the signs of metabolic syndrome, painful joints, and he spiraled into depression.  After a health scare, he committed to a diet and exercise program that resulted in him losing over 170 pounds.  While he felt better about himself and his depression improved, unfortunately he had significant skin excess, a constant reminder of his former self.  CSPS learned of his story through his GoFundMe page, something he set up after 2 years of insurance denials in an effort to raise the money for his surgery; and CSPS reached out to him.  He met CSPSERF guidelines, was approved by the Sub-Review Committee, and was connected to CSPS member Susan Downey, MD (pictured below) who performed his gynecomastia surgery.  Dr. Downey donated her services and CSPSERF covered the facility and anesthesia fees.  His aunt writes of the dramatic change this procedure has had on his life with him walking around shirtless for the first time four months after his surgery, "He looks and feels better than he has ever felt" His confidence is at an all time high, he's ambitious, adventurous and has become more social. Click here to read the letter from EA's aunt in it's entirety.

CSPS Member Dr. Susan Downey who performed E.A.'s gynecomastia surgery

This is CSPS positively impacting the lives of those in our communities.  If you would like more information on CSPSERF or would like to make a contribution to our CSPSERF fund, please visit our website www.cspserf.org  If you have a patient you believe CSPSERF might be able to help, please contact our Office (510) 243-1662 for assistance in the application process.

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