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Serratus Anterior Plane Block in Breast Augmentation Mammoplasty
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Background: The aesthetic surgeon working in the community is tasked with providing excellent results with minimal pain. The Ultrasound guided Serratus Anterior Plane Block (SAP) has been used to provide less painful experiences for our patients.

Methods: 10 consecutive patients were observed for pain control during breast augmentation mammoplasty. The control group received standard intraoperative nerve blocks with a mixture of Lidocaine and Bupivacaine injections and the study group received a pre-incisional ultrasound guided SAP block a Lidocaine and Bupivacaine mixture. The anesthesia record was then used to evaluate the amount of narcotic used and the patient satisfaction and medication usage were also noted from the medical record.

Results: Patient satisfaction and pain control were similar in both groups. In the pre-emptive analgesia group, three of the ten surgeries required no narcotic as compared to the previous year's 10 consecutive patients in which all patients required intraoperative narcotic. Of the ten patients that received the SAP block an average 42 mg of Fentanyl was utilized (m = 42.50 ss = 12562.50) whereas in the control group the average Fentanyl dosage was 97 mg (m =97.5 ss 8062.50), t (20) =-3.63 p=.0001.

Conclusion: Pre-incisional ultrasound guided SAP nerve block is an effective pre-emptive pain control strategy with comparable postoperative pain control to intraoperative nerve blocks. Intraoperative narcotic maybe reduced with the preemptive analgesia.

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