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March 2021 President's Message

Terry Zimmerman, MD, CSPS President
Terry Zimmerman, MD
CSPS President

The California Society of Plastic Surgeons Annual Meeting is going LIVE

CSPS received notification from the Hyatt Monterey that meetings of 100 persons or less are now permitted at their facility. We are making arrangements for a Hybrid 71st Annual CSPS Meeting May 28 31st. However, being still two months away, we remain hopeful that attendance at the meeting will be unrestricted by then. Please save the date and plan to join your colleagues for a joyous weekend of camaraderie and education. Registration for the Annual Meeting will be available on our website. We are also holding the first annual CSPS Golf Tournament, so be sure to sign up early to secure a spot.

The Pandemic seems to have receded in most parts of California, and for many of us business has resumed its normal or increased pace. Many, if not most, of us have been vaccinated. Yet, state mandates and restrictions remain varied from County to County. A Bill was introduced by several legislators this last week to lift the declaration of the "State of Emergency" in California and lift all restrictions and color-coded mandates. The minimum required signatures for a vote for Recall of Governor Newsom was also exceeded, however it will still be several months of uncertainty until any definitive decision is reached.

The CSPS Nominating committee is proposing the following slate of officers for the 2021-2022 calendar year. Nominations will be accepted from the floor and elections will be held during the Business Meeting Sunday May 30th during the Annual Meeting.

Susan Kaweski-President
William Hoffman-President Elect
Amanda Gosman-Vice-President
Gordon Lee-Secretary
Greg Evans-Treasurer

The Nurse Practitioner Advisory Panel formed as a result of the passing of AB 890 (Wood) now has Plastic Surgical representation with the selection of Dr. Edward Ray as one of two physicians on the panel. This panel will help decide criteria necessary for the autonomous practice of medicine by certain NP's.

We currently have only two physicians in the CA State Legislature (Dr. Richard Pan (Pediatrician) in the State Senate, and DR. Juaquin Arambula (Emergency Medicine) in the State Assembly). The CSPS is supporting Dr. Akilah Weber (OB/GYN) in her campaign for the 79th district of the Assembly in San Diego.

The CMA is holding a Legislative Advocacy Training Day March 23rd, 7-8 PM in preparation for the California Medical Association Legislative Advocacy Day. They will review legislation to be advocated on behalf of the CMA. This is open to CMA members and registration is available on their website.

Website Updates
There are now many new features on the CSPS website. Please check them out:

  1. Use the Website to apply on- line, pay dues, or renew membership.
  2. Register for the 71st Annual CSPS Meeting in Monterey
  3. Sponsor a new member on-line to receive a membership application.
  4. Search our CSPS Member Lists
  5. Contribute to the CSPS ERF and the CSPS PAC
  6. Learn about the CSPS and various Plastic Surgical procedures.
  7. Existing Members may now
    1. Download a CSPS Active Membership Certificate.
    2. Update your Personal Profile.
    3. List items for sale at the CSPS Market Place
    4. Post available employment or training positions or seek positions in the Opportunity Center.
    5. Tap the knowledge and experience of experts on the League of Leaders site.
    6. Obtain discount Covid tests and rapid turn- around of results.

Please join us in Monterey for the 71st Annual CSPS Meeting

Terry Zimmerman, MD
CSPS President

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